Delaware secretary of education Dr. Mark Holodick penned on Opinion on Feb. 13 stating the importance of referendums for public schools.
They say the definition of “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome each time. Well, I must be going insane.
Many people have compared the addictive nature of social media to cigarettes. Checking your likes, they say, is the new smoke break. Others say the unease over social media is just the next round of moral panic about new technologies.
During our last little snowstorm, I noticed something interesting: Why do state facilities contract snow removal with outside companies?
If you are an educator or a parent, you have likely already seen many ways in which “the kids are not all right.”
The city of Milford has grown to know the name Annette Billings. She is a Milford native fighting to keep her property in a legal battle of eminent domain. The city is attempting to use the land on …
Though I’ve always admired Harriet Tubman, you can’t talk about heroes without mentioning Martin Luther King (“Question of the Week: Who would you consider a Black history hero?”).

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On Wednesday, at the end of a celebration for the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, multiple shooters are alleged to have killed one and wounded approximately 20-plus others in a mass shooting. The individual killed was the mother of two children. It was the 40th mass shooting to have taken place in our country in the last 45 days.
Gov. John Carney’s presentation on his proposed budget reminds me of the old song, “Here We Go Again.” It’s the same song, like a worn-out recording we’ve heard over and over.
Poor, tired, old Joe Biden. His achievements are so forgettable: stuff with boring-sounding names like the American Rescue Plan, the Inflation Reduction Act, the CHIPS and Science Act and the infrastructure law.
The overwhelming majority of eligible Delaware residents have registered to vote. However, most Delaware registered voters, 57% in the last presidential election, do not vote.
There have been massive gains in productivity over the past century. So, why are people still working so hard for so long?
Delaying trial after trial is the only way that Mr. Donald Trump can evade jail time. If he keeps fooling the “Make America Great Again” believers some of the time, he can win the election and have all 91 felony charges dismissed. His problem is that he cannot fool the electorate all the time, which will result in his downfall.
Superstorms, abrupt climate shifts and New York City frozen in ice. That’s how the blockbuster Hollywood movie, “The Day After Tomorrow,” depicted an abrupt shutdown of the Atlantic Ocean’s circulation and the catastrophic consequences.
The Delaware Department of Education laid out its fiscal year 2025 budget requests for public school districts and charter schools Wednesday before the Joint Finance Committee. In his recommended budget, Gov. John Carney included $2.1 billion for the department. Of that, $3 million would go toward the hiring of 20 early literacy coaches throughout the state, following 2023 assessment scores that continued to show a decline in reading results. Should this funding be included or expanded? How do you think education officials should direct state funding? What programs in public schools need the most help?
There is no way around it: Obesity has grown into a national health crisis of alarming proportions. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 40% of American adults are categorized as obese.
One of the most robust measures of Earth’s changing climate is that winter is warming more quickly than other seasons. The cascade of changes it brings, including ice storms and rain in regions that were once reliably below freezing, are symptoms of what I call “warming winter syndrome.”
And now comes a column (the fourth or fifth since Oct. 23, 2023) written by Joe Smyth (“It ain’t over ’til it’s over, so let voters decide”). Nothing new here — the same false equivalencies, the same statistics quoted with no attribution and a drumming advertisement for the No Labels group, all as before but notably stronger this time around.
Every parent should be allowed to review their child’s educational record upon a request made to an educational agency or institution under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
The excitement of auto racing comes from split-second decisions and daring passes by fearless drivers. Imagine that scene but without the driver — the car alone, guided by the invisible hand of artificial intelligence. Can the rush of racing unfold without a driver steering the course? It turns out that it can.
The November presidential election might seem far away, but it’s time for the veepstakes — already. You know, that favorite game of pundits, politicos and political junkies who, every four years, obsess over the presidential candidates’ choice for vice president.
Though Congress is failing to pass laws to restrict the number of migrants arriving in the U.S., a majority of Americans — about 6 in 10 — believe there’s an immigration crisis along the Mexico-U.S. border. Politicians who want fewer people to move here often cast those arriving without prior authorization as a burden on the economy.
Can we agree that America’s politics are in a state of disarray? Remember when politics was a boring subject and not the main topic on all news shows and talk shows? Turn on late-night talk shows, and politics are the lead in their monologues.
Lately, my attention has been drawn to three additional local examples of unnecessary traffic strangulation by the Delaware Department of Transportation’s all-way stop controls, along with one at least semi-reasonable AWSC installation.