Birth Place of John Bassett Moore, International Jurist.

First known as Duck Creek or Salisbury, Smyrna was formed in 1768 on the banks of a busy waterway and at the crossroads of the major north-south road in Delaware, King’s Highway, and the major east-west route connecting the Delaware and Chesapeake bays. In 1806, the townspeople requested an official name change to Smyrna, after the thriving Turkish seaport of biblical times Today, Smyrna is expanding rapidly, but remains loyal to its historic downtown area, including the Old Town Hall which now houses the Smyrna Opera House.

  • Zip code:  19977
  • Population: 10,023
  • Phone: 302-653-9231
  • Mayor: Robert Johnson
  • Fun Fact: Smyrna native John B. Mayberry, a private in 1st Delaware Infantry during the Civil War, was awarded the Medal of Honor for seizing a Confederate flag under fire during the Battle of Gettysburg on Aug. 31, 1861.

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