Historically Happening and Capital of the First State

Founded in 1683 by William Penn, Dover became Delaware's capital in 1777 because of it central location and distance from British forces on the Delaware river. In the years immediately following World War II, the city of Dover acquired land for the construction of an airport, which became Dover Air Force Base, now one of the largest military freight terminals in the world and home to the 436th and 512th Airlift Wings. Dover offers many historic landmarks in its downtown area and is the home of twice-a-year NASCAR races at Dover International Speedway and the Firefly Music Festival.

  • Zip code:  19901–19906
  • Population: 36,047
  • Phone: 302-736-7005
  • Mayor: Robin Christiansen
  • Fun Fact: The Amish began settling in rural Kent County near of Dover in 1915. Amish horses and buggies are a common sight on the country roads west of the city.

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