Letter to the Editor: Reader shares ‘why Republicans should be defeated’


We have never needed expertise more than we do now; our country and our planet are at stake.

In Trump world, there is only one value that really matters: loyalty. People who make up the “intelligentsia” — the doctors, scientists, judges, the top people in all professions and anyone who thinks for him- or herself — are not to be trusted because their loyalty is to the truth, not to a person. In Trump world, this kind of independence is deemed a threat.

This is not new stuff. Donald Trump’s kind of narcissism is as old as mankind.

What is new are the stakes. We sit at the edge of two impending man-made catastrophes: the end of our democracy and runaway climate change. At this critical moment, one of the major players, the Republican Party under Trump, has left the building. First, they have decided democracy is simply an obstacle on their path to permanent power; and second, they are in denial of the science that tells us that human-caused climate change is an existential threat to mankind.

So Democrats now have a problem much like that facing the scientists of the Manhattan Project in World War II. Those men and women worked night and day to beat the Nazis to the atomic bomb. The Democratic Party now needs to beat the Republican Party to the proverbial button that will blow up our democracy and our world. This can happen only by overwhelming the Republicans at the ballot box. Thank goodness, more and more Democrats and moderates of all stripes are beginning to see the light.

Fred Longacre


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