Merlet: Inspector general bill could move forward Wednesday


On Wednesday, the Delaware Senate’s Executive Committee has the opportunity to do something great: It can release the inspector general bill — Senate Bill 21, introduced by Sen. Laura Sturgeon, D-Woodbrook — and allow it to go to the Senate floor for a vote. The full Senate can vote it forward to the House of Representatives, and — finally, finally, after more than a dozen years of effort — the state of Delaware can have an independent office to oversee and investigate state agencies for compliance with their missions and state law.

Delaware has a sorry record of transparency — it is 48th in the country. We need this bill. Sen. Sturgeon has worked on it for years. I am so pleased to know how she has met with stakeholders and made sure that this bill does not overlap with other agencies but stands as a supplement to duties of both the Attorney General’s Office and the state auditor.
Please contact your senators and ask them to support this bill.

Connie Merlet


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