Sipple: Would restricting sale of ammo decrease gun violence?


I respect the opinion of Dover City Councilman Brian E. Lewis about needing solutions for Dover’s recent shootings (“Solutions needed after rash of shootings in Dover”). But I think we need to think outside the box and come up with solutions that are needed to end the gun violence not only in Dover but in our country.

We have to agree that guns are out of control in America. We can restrict the rights of all gun owners all we want, and it’s not going to stop the violence of the thousands of illegal guns out there. They’re out there. We can’t control them.

But I think what we can control are the bullets. What would happen if there was a sudden shortage of bullets? I guarantee the shootings would plummet. We need to make it very hard to get bullets. I want it so hard to get bullets that, when someone wants to use a gun, they can’t because they can’t get any bullets for it.

We have to come up with a way for law-abiding citizens to obtain them and make it nearly impossible for anyone else. Recently in the news was a story about 500,000 rounds of bullets that went missing from a sporting goods store in Delaware. I’m sure the powers that be can come up with a way to make this idea work. Nothing is 100% foolproof. But we have to start somewhere.

Stan Sipple


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