Speak Up: Cade resigns from role as Capital School District superintendent and CEO


Capital School District’s superintendent Dr. Vilicia Cade has resigned, according to Board of Education president Felecia Duggins. Her last day will be July 22.

  • Wow. At a loss for words. Capital students and families deserve so much better from everyone, superintendent and board members included. — Kim Petters
  • Talk to the employees who work there. It sounds as though her choice of showing face to appear amazing was more important than spending money on the students and buildings. I doubt this decision was taken lightly. — Jonie Smith
  • Do the employees even know who owns the money? I think that’s the board that allocates that. Tell them to attend a meeting or even read board policies. Also, districts have financial officers. — Mozella Richardson Kamara
  • Get the liberal teachers union out of the way and let teachers teach, instead of indoctrinating our kids. Give the authority to discipline disruptive students to the point of expulsion, inconvenience the parents when their kids act out, get the government out of the home and let the parents parent and discipline their kids accordingly. — Willie Preacher
  • I moved here four years ago, and I can honestly say it is the worse district in the whole state. I say this with a sad heart. My girls go to the new middle school, and one gets suspended every other week for dumb stuff. The other one, who’s 14, hasn’t been to school in five months. Why? Because she hates the school, the teachers, the staff. Everyone there at that school is horrible. They would rather just suspend the students, instead of dealing with the problem. I have been in that school many times and also have had meetings with them. Some days, they show up. Some days, they do not, and it’s all the same thing. It’s all about them, not about the kids. — Debra Hall
  • So sad to see Dr. Cade resign! The district was definitely moving in the right direction, as she tried to clean up the mess left by others! It’s not the last time we will see her! Mark my word! — Smack Vonderlear Elsieva
  • The district was taking steps forward with Dr. Cade’s leadership. It saddens me to read that the district has made a poor decision in allowing her to resign and/or forcing her hand to make such a decision. The district has lost a good leader. — Sherima Grant
  • She was absolutely not a good leader. A nice speaker, but she did nothing for the district but overtalk and fund “initiatives” that led nowhere. There is a huge gap between the community and the school district, and she couldn’t do it. Also, the funds in Capital are not used correctly. The evidence is in the two new fifth grade centers but no teachers and buses to get them there for next year. Epic failure. Don’t tell me about other districts. Worry about this one that’s failing. — Angie La Maria
  • Hopefully, the next superintendent will be less political in everything they say, will solve the staffing issues at the middle and high schools, and will deal with the behavior issues that give Capital School District a bad reputation. — Dale Bert
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