Speak Up: Dover mayor’s State of the City address talks violence, economic development


Dover City Council’s meeting May 14 featured several large agenda items. It saw not only the election of a council president in David Anderson but Mayor Robin R. Christiansen’s State of the City address, as well.

  • So, the mayor should take note that his town manager is not law enforcement and has no authority to tell a citizen he needs to leave federal property. Also, unless your police department is contracted with the post office, officers also have no authority to remove a citizen who has not committed a crime. Also, if they are not, your police officer is actually breaking federal law being armed on federal property. It’s a shame your police are feelings enforcement, and your town manager has no authority whatsoever. I would hope the mayor would get his taxpayer welfare recipients under control. And inform his police officers they are public servants and should identify themselves when asked. Also, the uneducated town manager should learn how not to talk over others who are trying to speak. — Randy Wagner
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