Speak Up: Dover parking main focus of open houses


Designing a new parking garage — which the Downtown Dover Partnership refers to as the “Downtown Mobility Center” — is a project that it and its partners are not taking lightly.

  • There is a college right there in Dover. Years ago, I proposed having the kids of that college open up storefronts under the watchful eyes of business leaders who could help them learn. Instead, money (grants) has been given to shops that won’t even post their hours! — Faith Belcher Whipkey
  • What’s downtown that Dover needs a parking garage? — Joe Masten
  • Forget the parking garage. They are creepy, and I always feel unsafe. Let’s concentrate on destination shops and a safe downtown! I love Dover and so want to see it thrive! — Connie Holland
  • Ellicott City, Maryland, does not have a parking garage, but people flock there and park blocks away just to dine at the restaurants and shop. — Faith Belcher Whipkey
  • We need to focus on the homeless and the panhandling. The people begging for money at every store and street corner is getting out of hand! — Tonya Cassel
  • Focus on reducing violent crime, then bringing in businesses to support spending for this type of investment in the city. Dover was a great place to be when I was a kid. Now, I stay away. — Jeff Thompson
  • Until you bring a variety of businesses that cater to more than one segment of society, downtown Dover will continue to languish. When the new BOTÁNICA store opened, I thought, “Why in the world would anyone open a nice store like that in Dover?” — Kim Patterson Luton
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