Town Square, Jan. 27, 2021

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Posted 1/26/21

The Banner welcomes readers' comments on topics of public interest. Town Square is an opinion column to which readers can submit their views. As a true community newspaper, we’re always looking for …

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Town Square, Jan. 27, 2021

The Banner welcomes readers' comments on topics of public interest.

Town Square is an opinion column to which readers can submit their views. As a true community newspaper, we’re always looking for ways to include local thought and pertinent viewpoints. This column is a way to share those thoughts. Civility and fair comment will always prevail.

GARTH SAID IT BEST: Out of all that I have heard from the Inauguration, Garth Brooks has said it best. He is a Republican who was asked to perform, which he did. He said, “It is about stepping across party lines and loving one another.” Simple statement: Be kind and love one another. Garth spoke to his fans a few days before because he was taking heat for his decision. I don’t care about politics, but I can tell you that the words he spoke are very true. This country’s problems go way beyond politics. The internet allows people to hide behind keyboards and incite hatred and ignorance. These people are not like you and I, who would type it, mean it, and then say it to their face if they wanted to pursue the issue further. People post fake and dumb stuff and they are not held accountable for their words. Then everyone on social media shares it before even researching it. That type of stuff is what creates the world of hatred and ignorance that our future generations will be living in. I would just like to see people being a little more kind. That doesn’t require a political affiliation. It doesn’t mean that we should end friendships over someone’s opinion. I respect you and your opinion but I don’t have to agree with everything you say.

Citizens condemned Congressman Andy Harris’ attempt to bring a gun onto the floor of the House of Representatives, while others supported him.

QUESTIONS FOR LAWMAKERS: Why are congressmen and senators above the law? It’s illegal to carry a concealed weapon in D.C. How did he get the gun to the Capitol building without going through D.C., does he have some magical transporter? Does he have a license to carry a concealed weapon in Maryland? That isn’t the easiest permit to get. As a common citizen and a federal employee, I am consistently troubled at the laws, rules and regulations, mostly enacted by you all, that we have to abide by, but you all seem to be exempt from. You all need to abide by the same rules we have to abide by and pay the same penalty for breaking. I can’t imagine in a million years showing up at my federal government office building with a gun in my bag, refuse to submit to the metal detectors and still get to go home and sleep in my own bed that night. I would absolutely have been arrested and he should have been too.

UNACCEPTABLE: On Jan. 6, we witnessed a violent mob at the Capitol that showed contempt for the law, Capitol Police, and rules of the House. It’s unacceptable to see a Member of Congress show similar disrespect for the National Guard, Capitol Police, and House rules.

APPALLED: As a Maryland resident, I am appalled. He attempted to break the law and needs to be impeached. He is the problem. How can we ever trust this deplorable again?
DISGRACE: Isn’t he the incompetent who wanted the election overturned? He is an embarrassment and a disgrace to his office.

APPRECIATION: He stands for conservative values, something we appreciate in his district.
OVERWHELMINGLY CHOSEN: We have a right in our district to chose whom we wish to represent us. As we are a conservative area, we have overwhelmingly chosen Congressman Harris.

FLOUTED THE RULES: He should resign. A total embarrassment to our state and his constituents. How can he call himself a lawmaker while flouting the rules in the Capital building? Ridiculous.
Governor Larry Hogan has called for Maryland public schools to reopen.

NOT YET: I would do anything for my kids. To threaten my livelihood is uncalled for, especially for something I have no control over.
Teachers (who choose to) need to be vaccinated and numbers need to decrease. Our numbers shared on Facebook with families showed that 41 of our students in the county tested positive in one week. This indeed would affect schools, teachers, staff and students. There is a “medical reason” as to why students are not in school.
I love my kids. I love them so much that it honestly hurts me thinking about them dealing with this pandemic and the hardships it has brought to their families. I would love nothing more than to see them all and to teach them all face to face. But telling school systems to shove students into schools because “there is no medical reason to keep them out” is insane. Data proves otherwise.

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