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Cambridge-South Dorchester High School made the following announcement on Thursday:

Beginning this year, CSD will be charging $9 for entrance to all home ticketed athletic events.

  • Ticket purchases will be online only at com
  • You can purchase your online ticket at the gate with our iPad — Credit/debit cards only (tap, swipe and chip accepted)
  • Ticket prices are $9 for all attendees, including students
  • Entry is free for children under 4


Local residents commented.

NOT SO SURE: I imagine this is going to cause less attendance, meaning less support, less drive to play hard, fewer people cheering the kids and encouraging them to play hard. I’m not sure that this is the best idea in the least.

If a family wants to see and support their family member play a sport, they are out of a good amount of money in order to attend. Where does the money go? Does it cost anything more to have more attendees in the stands? Not by my outsider point of view. This makes no sense to me.

MORE THAN ONE: This is crazy. Some parents have more than one child in events.

TOO MUCH: We want to support our young athletes but that’s asking for too much

BIG FAMILY: Danggg that’s a lot, especially when it’s six of us. They know better.

YOU’LL BE OK: Y’all do know the price of everything went up. It’s been $4 and $5 dollars since 1972. Y’all pay $11 for cigarettes, pay the $9 to support our kids. You’ll be okay.

BUT WHY?: My question is why? You just can’t jack the price up $5-6 with no explanation

GET BOOSTERS: We need sports boosters back! I try to make basketball as free as possible for our girls, but thank goodness I have someone I can call on to help me out.

COULD DONORS HELP? I think this is a mistake. Maybe donors would help with uniform costs instead. This will dampen overall support of C-SD athletes.

SOME NOT SO LUCKY: Some sports teams are fortunate enough to have donors, others just don’t have that type of support.

A SMARTER WAY: Season passes would be a smarter way to go, especially for those who have multiple family members that come to support a team. My crew alone would be $60 a game.

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