Speak Up: Delaware House passes Black history education against some GOP objections


The Delaware House approved a bill that would mandate schools teach Black history Thursday despite opposition from half the Republican caucus. Thirty-three representatives voted in favor of the proposal, while seven voted against it and one abstained. House Bill 198 would require Delaware public schools incorporate into their regular curricula lessons about the trials, tribulations and accomplishments of Black people, including African history, the role slavery and white supremacy played in the development of the United States (especially the Civil War), legal segregation after the war and Black contributions to America. The legislation aims to tackle the history and the impact of racism, “prepare students to be responsible citizens in a pluralistic democracy” and “reaffirm the commitment of free peoples to the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” which outlawed slavery.


  • How about we just drop any and all colors and just teach accurate history? Keep politics out of this, please. – Jon Walczak
  • Black history is political? – John Anderson
  • Why are politicians voting on a proposal then? Obviously, yes. – Jon Walczak
  • History is inherently political. – Pete Schonert
  • Next thing, you’ll expect them to teach non-American cultures in world history. – Michael Carl Sanchez
  • History is what follows from political decisions. Besides America is the only country, didnt you know? – Pete Schonert
  • It’s written by the winners? – Paula Giordano
  • Define winner in historical context. I can see a clear winner when it comes to wars and conquest (not always), but what about the civil rights movement? Who are the winners? What should happen to the losers in that context? – Michael Carl Sanchez
  • Let's start by teaching the truth. – Michelle Snyder
  • Imagine if history was written/taught from more than one perspective. – Michael Carl Sanchez
  • Whatever happened to teaching Delaware history... to hell with color. Everyone added to this state's history. – Howard Gaines III
  • Says the White man.. – Karla Beatriz Martínez Marzán
  • Exactly. Why they are including other people? – Ashley Mills
  • Guarantee these kids won’t know a thing about something like WW1, which is by far more important to understand if you want know anything about the 20th century. That’s just one example of what we’re sacrificing in the name of wokeness. – Michael Forcade
  • So in order to teach Black history the rest has to go? – John Anderson