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Dear Valued Readers,

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Daily State News. We appreciate your loyal readership through the years to stay informed on issues that matter most in your communities.

We hope you enjoy our seven-day Daily State News e-Newspaper at BaytoBayNews.com that provides news to you every day of the week 24/7. It’s complimentary to our Daily State News print subscribers.

As always, we monitor our company trends and adjust our business strategies to create a sustainable future for good journalism, which is important to our local and national democracy.

Digital subscription growth remains at the forefront of our plans with year-over-year increases combating our declining print circulation. We hope you’ll visit the Daily State News at BaytoBayNews.com to experience your added value as print subscribers.

Our delivery format for the Daily State News is evolving.

Starting the week of Nov. 26, your newspaper will be delivered to your mailbox three days a week.

While we know change isn’t always easy, we’ve taken on the mail delivery format for most of our publications companywide. Readers have liked the protection of the newspaper in their mailboxes — and the move saves us on delivery costs to reinvest in our journalism. We’re in the process of hiring two more full-time journalists to serve you and our communities.

In addition, our efforts will be focused on growing our new hyperlocal publication launches throughout the state of Delaware. Our first launch is going to press this month in Middletown. Shortly after, an extended Dover edition will be available in the area.

This business strategy will make us stronger for our advertisers, but most importantly our number one priority is protecting democracy in the communities we serve with good, nonpartisan journalism.

We are not raising our print subscription rates as you have access to the Daily State News at BaytoBayNews.com seven days a week, which includes many features and stories not included in the print edition. You will continue to receive your TV Companion on the weekend.

If you’d rather save money and convert to our digital e-Newspaper and all-access to BaytoBayNews.com, the rate is $5 a month, or you can receive one month free by paying $55 for the year.

Please email or call us for more details as we’re happy to help you convert if that’s what you prefer, but we also appreciate your support as we move to hyperlocal community newspaper formats.

Also, as of Friday, Nov, 24, the print edition of Daily State News will no longer be available for purchase at your local retailer. Your options include subscribing to our printed publication or buying an all-access digital subscription.

We always welcome your feedback, so please feel free to email me at cbisson@iniusa.org or call me at 623-445-2823, and leave a message. I’ll personally reply to your email or return your phone call as soon as possible.

We sincerely thank you for your ongoing support and readership.

Best wishes, and please take care and stay safe!
Charlene Bisson

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