Speak Up: Polytech School of Aviation Maintenance set to take off


A “group effort” involving the Polytech School of Aviation Maintenance is set to take off soon. The school will provide three adult training and certification programs for those in various stages of their careers. The first class — an Airframe and Powerplant certification prep class — began Jan. 23 and will run for two weeks. Two other sessions will follow — one at the end of February, the other in April. All 30 slots combined in the three classes are filled, project coordinator John Morris said.

  • Tech should be available to all high schoolers, not just a select few. — Sharon Mears
  • It used to be a selection process: have good grades, have no discipline issues, be active in extracurriculars outside of school (Boy Scouts, 4-H, Girl Scouts, etc.), because they looked for well-behaved, well-rounded kids who wanted to be there. They would send a school rep to your home to interview you, and you had to write an essay, but people complained that it wasn’t fair, so now, it’s a lottery, luck of the draw. There used to be no need for police on campus, and if you messed up, you were out. It’s not like that anymore. It was a great school (still is very good), but, because people complained (this world always having to conform to complaining people), it’s not much different from a regular public school now. And this new program is for adults. — Heather Jones Tecson
  • You just have to have decent grades, attendance and no behavior issues, apply, and then, you are placed into a lottery. — Danielle Fowler
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