Speak Up: Lawmakers mark Equal Pay Day in Delaware


Calls for pay equity and the continued advancement of women’s rights were echoed during March 14’s recognition of Equal Pay Day at Legislative Hall. Led by House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst, D-Bear; House Majority Whip Melissa Minor-Brown, D-New Castle; and Senate Majority Whip Elizabeth “Tizzy” Lockman, D-Wilmington, a coalition of women in the General Assembly marked the occasion by acknowledging recent legislative initiatives that have benefited the cause. On average, women earn 82 cents per every dollar a man earns, she said. Women of color are also disproportionately impacted, making just 74 cents for every dollar a man receives.

  • How does paid family and medical leave (is this only for women?) mean equal pay? Pay equal to what? Everyone gets the same pay, regardless of their experience and education? When an employer is forced to pay someone, while they are not producing anything, the cost must be passed along to the consumer who is actually paying the cost. — Edmund Thwaites

Response to ‘Is your bracket ready?’

NCAA March Madness is under way, and folks are updating their brackets with the results of the first- and second-round games. There is plenty to consider when filling out those brackets: wins and losses, player stats, strengths and weaknesses, coaching styles and more. The final reckoning, though, is who wins and who loses. What teams are on your bracket?

  • Sorry, not a fan. They block my favorite TV shows to show these games. Goes on for weeks. I see no point in it. I find the whole thing very annoying. They need a separate channel to show this event. — Vincent J. Deskiewicz Sr.

Response to paper bag question

Starting next month, Walmart stores in Delaware will no longer provide single-use bags at checkout. Customers will have the opportunity to purchase multiuse bags or bring their own. Walmart says efforts such as this in several states will save it from using more than 1.2 billion plastic and paper bags each year. The company also reports that it has adjusted checkout lines to accommodate multiuse bags. How are you adjusting to the switch to reusable bags?

  • I have found that, when we bring our own bags, we are expected to pack them. I am not lazy, but being a older woman, I shop for my items, put them in my cart, pile groceries on the belt, take them home up three stairs and put them all away. Why should I have to pack my own bags? — Robbie Torres
  • I’m going to another store. — David Wendy Holloway
  • We knew it was coming. All stores will be discontinuing bags. Just bring your own. No big deal. — Vincent J. Deskiewicz Sr.
  • Thank Sen. Trey Paradee. Next, he will be taking away plastic garbage bags, Styrofoam coffee cups, paper plates and who knows what else? Shame! — Ruth Hamilton
  • Thank the politicians you voted for. — Bob Hice
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