Speak Up: Funding debate for Georgetown Historical Society continues


Sussex County Councilman Mark Schaeffer says he is offended by the Confederate flag flying on the grounds of the Nutter D. Marvel Carriage Museum. Therefore, he plans to ask county leaders to have the Georgetown Historical Society return $14,000 in funding it was granted at council’s June 21 meeting.

  • Take. It. Down. — Merv Sparks
  • Can I hang a “Satan’s Disciples” flag? Or maybe “Flying Spaghetti Monsters”? No? — J.J. McGlothlin Jr.

Delaware now at high COVID-19 community spread

All three of Delaware’s counties were in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s red category recently, which means high levels of COVID-19 spread. Over the last week of July, Delaware’s COVID-19 hospitalizations rose 22% from 129 to 165 hospitalizations — one of the primary indicators in determining community spread levels.  The Delaware Division of Public Health said its specific concern with these levels was the number of children younger than 18 who required hospital admission, including at least 16 children under age 5.

  • Looks like the Republicans will be crying foul again, but it’s OK to risk others’ health and not take the precautions. — Ruth Hamilton
  • Election time, and control is needed. — Howard Gaines III
  • Then, they are trying the monkeypox, too. — Becky West
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