Speak Up: Filling jobs, school investments key in governor’s State of the State


Gov. John Carney cited job fulfillment and investment in education as areas of priority during his 2023 State of the State address Jan. 19. For the first time since the onset of the pandemic, every member of the General Assembly, as well as Gov. Carney’s Cabinet and statewide elected officials, gathered in the Senate chamber for the event. The speech was the sixth of Gov. Carney’s tenure and focused largely on the future, as well as how the state will achieve its objectives of providing Delawareans access to good jobs, a top-notch public school system and “a safe and affordable place to live.”

  • First thing: “Crime” is out of control due in part to a liberal AG, who loves putting criminals back on the street before the ink can dry on the police report. Second: Explain “an affordable place to live.” My daughter is living in what is supposed to be low-income housing. What a joke! Her rent is nearly $800 a month, and she’s a single mom of four. Third: Schools should be for learning, reading, writing and arithmetic, not indoctrination. So I don’t know who he is trying to fool with this. — Willie Preacher
  • $800 is a normal price. — Michael Campbell
  • Like we haven’t heard this a thousand times. — Jeffrey Eichelberger
  • Government can’t create jobs in the private sector. A free market economy does that. — Jeffrey Eichelberger
  • Say it a little louder. — Mike Bodine
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