Speak Up: Earthquake, centered near New York City, felt in Delaware


An earthquake shook the densely populated New York City metropolitan area April 5, the U.S. Geological Survey said, with residents reporting they felt rumbling in the First State. The agency reported a quake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.7, centered near Lebanon, New Jersey, or about 45 miles west of New York City and 50 miles north of Philadelphia.

  • Felt it in Wilmington. — Erin Onfire
  • Felt it near Kirkwood Highway. — Kim Williams State Representative, 19th District
  • Felt it in Wilmington. — Stephanie Cahall Conover
  • My whole house was shaking in Townsend! — Lisa Kemske
  • Yes. The whole house shook! — Eithne Leigh
  • Yes, felt in Dover. — Jayne Muchler Dick
  • Yes, felt the house and pictures on the walls shake! — Rosie Lockett Miller
  • Nothing felt in west Dover, but our German shepherd was howling and carrying on at that time. I think we know why now. — Julia Walker Stevens
  • Yes, in Newark. — Michelle Farris
  • Yes, felt it in Smyrna. — Robin Parsons
  • Yes, Magnolia. — Bill Tasker
  • Felt in Goldsboro, Maryland. — Karen N Ronnie Cahall
  • Felt in Middletown. — Lisa Michele
  • Felt it in Smyrna. — Luci Echavarria
  • Didn’t feel anything in Dover. — Sally Verma
  • Nope, I didn’t feel it in Smyrna. — Melissa Epperly
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