Speak Up: Delaware parents urged to check vial before kids get vaccine


If parents want to ensure that their child is receiving the proper dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine, all they have to do is look at the color of the vial, said Delaware Division of Public Health director Dr. Karyl Rattay. Pfizer’s vaccine for the newly eligible 5- to 11-year-old age group comes in a vial with an orange cap instead of a purple one, which is for those 12 and older.

  • Trust Big Pharma. They know what’s best for you. Where’s the long-term safety data? When your 5-year-old turns 10 and has horrible, “unforeseen” lifetime health issues from the “vaccine,” and you’re so angry that you want to sue Pfizer, well, guess what? The only thing this “vaccine” provides immunity from is lawsuits. — Marc Auger
  • Stop making up fake news and go get vaccinated. — Charlie Harper
  • Ask for the enclosed factsheet while you’re at it and ask about side effects. — Yvonne Cole Herrmann
  • One reason to make sure it is really worth getting a vaccine. Some of these experts are so great they can’t even do a third grade dilution properly. “Trust the experts.” — Beth Gallagher
  • Big Pharma has proven time and time again they are not to be trusted.— Darin Hoffman
  • What does Big Pharma have to do with not reading the label? — Bob Beckman
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