Speak Up: Delaware auditor dodges felony charges, guilty of misconduct


Guilty on three misdemeanor counts, not guilty on two felonies. Such was the fate of State Auditor Kathy McGuiness on Friday in the first conviction of a statewide elected official while in office. While the criminal corruption trial ended, the case itself isn’t over. Judge William Carpenter Jr. deferred sentencing, as he expected motions to be filed.

  • How much did this cost the taxpayers? — Bob Hice
  • Sounds like piddly, small-potato stuff. This state wastes millions, and we are worried about a $5,000 payment? I bet the trial cost more than the abuse. — Tom Small
  • Thanks for the entertainment, Ms. Jennings. Maybe now you can get back to doing your job for the few remaining months of your term. What she did was nothing more than almost every department head does regularly (bend rules). Maybe our auditor will be able to get back to finding out what happened to all of the COVID money the state received. I guess now that you didn’t have Trump to occupy your time, you had to turn on your own. — Bob Skuse
  • Typical payoff deal here. — Jon Arthur Judd
  • Please explain. And why is everything a conspiracy theory today? — Frank Williamson
  • Politicians, they are all about themselves. — Jon Arthur Judd