Speak Up: Delaware agencies engaged in building out EV infrastructure


Delaware has seen an increased prevalence of zero-emission vehicles on its roads over the last decade. And, as the potential adoption of California’s Advanced Clean Cars II regulations looms, the state is looking to bolster its electric vehicle infrastructure to support that boom.

Since the 2021 enactment of Delaware’s Climate Action Plan, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control have partnered to put a plan into action. The two agencies worked in unison to contribute to the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program, in which the state is slated to receive approximately $17.6 million over five years to build out a framework for such cars and trucks.

  • Not a fan of this electric vehicle stuff yet. When you have to pay $10,000 for a replacement battery, not everyone can afford that. — Vincent J. Deskiewicz Sr.
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