Letter to the Editor: Happy music


It concerns me that so many people are missing an opportunity to listen to really happy music. The Eastern Shore Bluegrass Association puts on a concert in Denton on the second Sunday of every month through June of each year. It's happy music, in spite of (like most American folk music) having lyrics of gloom and doom, jail and jealousy, and unrequited love.

The bands that are paid to play at these events are mostly local. They usually consist of banjo, violin, mandolin, guitar, bass and sometimes dobro and other specialty instruments.

There is excellent vocal harmony and the words can actually be heard and understood. The unpaid groups, the "kitchen pickers" who play a set in between the pro groups' sets just for fun, are really good too and vary from month to month. The sound system is good and well controlled.

These concerts are held in Denton at the American Legion, 9238 Legion Road from 1-4 p.m. on second Sundays. The cost of admission is $15 and a season pass can be purchased.

You can even use your credit card. Food and beverages of all kinds are available for purchase.

During these difficult and challenging times, it's good to know that, at least one Sunday afternoon each month, we can get together with families and friends for some real joy.

There are several ways to see the schedule for the Denton concerts: Eastern Shore Bluegrass Association on Facebook and by website: easternshorebluegrass.org. Other events are scheduled at other venues by ESBA. Staying well and happy is easy when music is available.

Vicki Sparks

Fishing Creek

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