Letter to the Editor: Delaware EV proposal causes reader to wonder who’s in charge


Are we under a dictatorship now? Where are the people who are supposed to be representing us? We have a president mandating things and no Congress saying anything. We have an agency proposing mandates about electric cars, and people talking about doing away with gas stoves, and yet, we have little representation in either Congress or at the state level stepping up for us.

Let us think back to around about the ’70s, when all-electric homes were pushed because electricity was cheap, but then, down the road, the price went up and up, which was making it less affordable to use (plus, electric heat was not that great). Then, it was gas as a new, cleaner fuel for your homes.

When are they (let’s say, the media) going to do a report on these electric vehicles, about what it costs to charge and what mode is used to supply the energy to charge them? Also, how long do the batteries last and what is the cost of replacing them and where are the old ones going to go? And how many electric vehicles are mining the stuff to make the batteries? Tell us about that, also.

I did see on the news a while back where a woman had bought a used one and paid around $11,000 for it, and then, a year later needed to replace the battery, but it cost more than she had paid for the car.

They are trying to make all these changes at one time when people have a hard time even putting food on the table and clothes on their backs. Also, one country cannot change the climate by itself.

Stopping these awful forest fires every year might help, too.

Here’s a big question for anyone out there, as some states need water all the time, and you hear that the ocean’s water is raising every year: So why haven’t some plants been built to take the salt out of the water and make fresh water to go into the reservoirs?

Marvin Fortney


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