Garlow: EV group praises first car chargers at Delaware school


I love reading good news like your article on the installation of two new electric vehicle charging stations at Delcastle Technical High School in Newport (“Delcastle’s EV charging stations are first at school in Delaware,” Sept. 19).

Students helped with the welding, wiring and other technical skills, which will be in great demand as our state and country build more such recharging stations.

Congrats to the staff and students who built this first school EV station in Delaware. May there be many more at all our schools, government buildings, houses of worship, shopping malls and homes.

And, while we are at it, how about putting solar panels on the mostly flat roofs of these buildings, to make sure that clean energy is charging these electric vehicles?

There are state and federal grants that can help with the funding. See

Charlie Garlow

President, Delaware Electric Vehicle Association

Rehoboth Beach

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