Changes to game attendance at Dorchester schools


Dear Dorchester County Community,

Recent disturbances at a very few Cambridge-South Dorchester High School and North Dorchester High School sporting events have been unacceptable and have created dangerous situations for students, student-athletes, spectators, event staff, and law enforcement. Some of the participants have not been affiliated with any of our schools and these incidents are not representative of the sensible and mature behavior of the vast majority of our students.

Again, while the majority of our community and student attendees to our athletic events enjoy the positive atmosphere exhibited by high school athletics, these situations call for action to ensure safety and security of our students and the community during C-SDHS and NDHS winter sporting events.

Attendance at all events will be reduced dramatically with start times and schedule adjustments as well. These changes will be announced by C-SDHS and NDHS independently.

Be assured, we do not take these steps lightly. These issues are larger than just our schools; it is a reflection of what is happening in the wider community.

We will continue to work closely with our school athletic departments, the Bayside Conference, and local law enforcement, to ensure that not only the DCPS students, staff and community are safe, but our sporting opponents from surrounding counties as well.

It disturbs me that DCPS has to revert to such extreme actions, especially with our students and community wanting the return of all positive school events as we leave the pandemic. You have heard me say before, safety will remain at the forefront of school and school activities for students, staff, and the community.

Additionally, administrative teams, security, and law enforcement have done so well throughout the fall sporting season and early winter season to provide safe, caring, and inviting environments, I am extremely upset that all their positive efforts may go unnoticed with these recent incidents. Thank you, administrators, event staff, and law enforcement for all you do. We will continue to monitor and adjust safety protocols for events as needed presently and in the future.

David Bromwell


Dorchester County Public Schools

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