Buchness: Why we should all be against government mandates


In response to the many mandates proposed by our government, I’d like to respond: I’m not a fan. Taking freedoms away has two effects. First, it makes a decision for all. Not that this is always inherently a bad thing, but it can be for some and not for others. Second, there’s never a follow-up as to how this mandate helped or hindered, in a factual, unbiased, accountable method. Surely, after the government ceases freedom from its citizens via a mandate, there must be an overall substantial benefit to all that can be measured. But where’s the follow-up? Am I, as a citizen, in a better place because this freedom has been rescinded? Please demonstrate how, in a real, factual, unbiased manner, this restriction has improved my life. Am I being overly dramatic?

Let’s look at one such mandate, the electric vehicle mandate. The freedom to choose a product will be restricted to what the government says we can purchase. It will cost all of us more to purchase an electric vehicle. And don’t forget another government mandate, that all new housing must have a charging station on-site. This raises the cost for all builders and purchasers. How much will this mandate cost all of us citizens? These costs are not covered in the mandate bills. What about the trucking industry? How is it supposed to deliver the goods that we consume? How far can a loaded, electric 18-wheeler go before charging, not that there are even any EV fleets currently? What is the availability of charging such a vehicle cross-country? I know we will pay for that eventually. What about the underserved? What are they supposed to do exactly — ride the bus, walk, hitch a ride from a more affluent co-worker? Again, this is all not covered in the mandate proposal. How will this enormous loss of freedom, in the form of the lack of mobility, affect all of us? We don’t know; it’s not explained. I fear not so good.

Thoughtless mandates that incur loss of freedoms are a rumble under the ocean that finishes with a tsunami! Masks, vaccinations and firing of skilled workers who don’t comply have led to worker shortages of doctors and nurses, pilots, military members, police, fire personnel and teachers. Freedom is precious! Are we, as Americans, smarter than any other country’s population? Hell, no! Then why is the United States of America the only country that has raised the standard of living worldwide in less than 200 years?

There’s only one reason: freedom! Vote freedom takers out of office.

Paul Buchness


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