Ashby: Some suggestions for Dover parking


I think that, generally, a parking garage that is right in the midst of the downtown Dover shopping district is preferable to one that is blocks away. These days, folks don’t like to walk far. By utilizing a nonhistorical space on Loockerman Street that is currently occupied by a building with a vacant storefront, the city would kill two birds with one stone. This would remove an eyesore, a nonproductive building, while also enticing shoppers to the stores that are occupied. There are also plenty of nonhistorical buildings a mere block from Loockerman that could be torn down for a garage. The charm of Dover is its historical homes, and obviously, the two homes in question are in good shape since they are both being utilized. It would be a crime to destroy them.

Why wasn’t the old post office torn down for a garage? How about the old library building on State Street? The medical center that abuts South Bradford Street already has a parking garage, and if they need more spaces, they should build upward, as they did with their main building years ago.

Perhaps the transit center parking lot or the parking lot at Spence’s Bazaar would also be prime spots that are easily buildable and would provide the necessary customer spaces for both activities without destroying anything, if there is an actual need for a garage on that side of the city.

I think this is an issue that needs to be revisited before demolition takes place.

Ruth Ashby


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