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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More about Common Cause

Common Cause is an organization which describes itself as a “nonpartisan, grass-roots organization dedicated to restoring the core values of American democracy, … .” Unfortunately, that wording is vastly different from Common Cause’s actions. Actually, Common Cause is not “ … nonpartisan … .” It is a liberal political-advocacy group. Even the well-known, far-left, Democrat-dominated The New York Times calls Common Cause “liberal.” What Common Cause really tries to do is to get as many people as they can find to vote “Democrat.” The legality of the vote plays no role in their thinking. To Democrats, “the end justifies the means.” Their goal is to get Democrats elected — period. It does not matter to them how many laws are broken, as long as that occurs. Ms. Claire Snyder-Hall is program director of Common Cause, so, it was not surprising to see her running to the defense in her letter of Aug. 15 [“The right to vote is 100 percent American,” in response to “Rewriting history of U.S. voting rights,” letter, Aug. 11, in response to “Voting rights: A dream yet to be won,” Public Forum, Aug. 6] Her skewed views concerning the right to vote become immediately apparent with the title of her submission. In reality, her claim that “The right to vote is 100 percent American” is not true. The lofty-sounding rhetoric of “universal suffrage” spewed forth by Ms. Snyder-Hall and other Democrats is designed specifically to obscure the fact that simply being a resident of this country does not qualify you to vote — only citizens have that right. The rest of her piece is an attempted rebuttal of Mr, Roof’s points. She does, however, have one cogent point. “Let’s make it easier for all citizens to fulfill their civic duty and vote” is a point that I believe we can all agree to. Our differences become apparent when an idea such as “same-day registration” arises. Such a program can have but one objective — and that is to allow someone who is not a citizen to sneak through our voting process and illegally cast a vote. Such a situation benefits liberal Democrats in their pursuit of power because virtually all illegal aliens vote Democrat. It is that unlawful tactic in the pursuit of political power which has alienated me from the Democratic Party. It points out the glaring character flaw of cowardice — yes, cowardice (def.: a failure of character wherein fear and self-concern override doing or saying what is right or good in the face of a challenge) — for anyone to claim a political office which was not legally won. I certainly do not want any such cowardly individual in any position that could affect my life. I certainly do not believe that “stealing” a political office through a fraudulent vote can be “… restoring the core values of American democracy … .”

David C. Pleasanton Smyrna

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