Letter: Mace’s Lane game attendance


Mace’s Lane community,

This is an important update related to upcoming home basketball games. Starting this week, and for the remainder of the season, there will be four tickets allocated to each player, band members, dancers and cheerleaders for them to give to parents/guardians or adults.

These individuals will still be asked to pay the $5 donation at the door per ticket. This is an increase of $2, due to the limiting of attendance. These donations go to paying for the referees and transportation for away games, as middle schools currently do not have athletic budgets available to them.

Children 11 and younger may attend the game with their adult, as they cannot stay home alone. There will be no teenagers or young adults, ages 12-20, allowed in attendance at any of the final home basketball games.

We are disappointed in these measures directed by the Board of Education, but support the idea of student-athlete and community safety. Please contact the school with any questions.

Thank you for your continued support.

Patricia Prosser


Mace’s Lane Middle School

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