Letter: 'From a die hard American and Democrat'


To the Editor:

From a die hard American and Democrat

In his response to my letter making a solid case for treason by Donald Trump, Bill Patchett chose to make it personal. So to be fair, I’ll do the same.

Mr. Patchett labeled me a “die hard Democrat” trying to make it sound pejorative. He’s right, I am a die-hard Democrat, and proud of it, because it’s always the Democrats who advocate measures to improve the lives of ALL Americans and not just special interest wealthy donors who keep Republicans in power irrespective of the public will. I became a Democrat when JFK excited me about service to my country long ago (Note to Mr. Patchett – please never try to equate Donald Trump, someone who doesn’t seem to understand America and cowardly dodged military service, and a WWII hero and great president John F. Kennedy).

Mr. Patchett’s letter belies his claim to be an independent who isn’t for or against any party. His slavish all-in support for all that Trump is and does, no matter how destructive, along with his use of a name for President Obama that only twisted right-wing conspiracy groups use, Barry Soetoro, give away his ties to the radical fringe right and Republicans.

He gives Trump a pass on his total adherence to everything Validimir Putin has been trying to do to destroy our democracy and alliances with other democratic countries including NATO, his obvious horrific disloyalty to America during his week of disgrace in Helsinki in which he showed himself weak and compliant with Putin, even siding with him in denying he ever attacked our 2016 elections over unanimous conclusions to the contrary by all of our intelligence agencies.

Mr. Patchett seems to think that this, attacking and undermining our Free Press and senior law enforcement agencies including the FBI, cruelly abusing children by separating them from their parents at the border, and starting a trade war against the advice of everyone who knows what they’re talking about that’s already hurting his own supporters is all just fine, part of “Making America Great Again.”

No it isn’t, Mr. Patchett. It’s undermining our democracy, and a total disgrace, in the words of Sen. John McCain, and “nothing short of treasonous” according to another great American patriot, John Brennan, and turning our country backward.

I am a die-hard American first and Democrat second. I served in the U.S. Marine Corps after attending the U.S. Naval Academy, and am a Vietnam War Veteran, unlike your president, a coward who faked bone spurs to duck out of his nation’s call to service in that war, yet had the unmitigated gall to disparage Sen. McCain for allowing himself to be captured and tortured for five years in North Vietnam.

That and Trump’s demeaning and insulting Gold Star parents and mocking disabilities of a journalist was all I needed to know what a horror and disgrace he would be as president. It’s only gotten worse since.

I urged people to get out and vote for Democrats because Congressional Republicans have sold out to Trump and refuse to reign in his abuses of our country, even enabling his worst impulses. It’s past time we have a check on his destruction, and returning Congress to Democrats is a good first step.

We can do our part by Repealing and Replacing Andy Harris, who is long past his sell-by date as a politician, with a man who will represent us all, Jesse Colvin.

Mike Brown

Neck District

Dorchester County

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