C-SD Vikings wallop Snow Hill, 53-3

By Dave Ryan
Posted 4/1/21

CAMBRIDGE — The Cambridge-South Dorchester High School Vikings traveled to Snow Hill on Thursday, where they defeated the Eagles, 53-3. The Vikings’ record improved to 4-1, while the …

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C-SD Vikings wallop Snow Hill, 53-3


CAMBRIDGE — The Cambridge-South Dorchester High School Vikings traveled to Snow Hill on Thursday, where they defeated the Eagles, 53-3. The Vikings’ record improved to 4-1, while the Eagles’ fell to 0-5.

There was a bit of déjà vu going on with this one — like in last week’s victory over Colonel Richardson, the Vikings scored twice in a few seconds in the first quarter. On the second play of their first drive, Donald Banks charged 30 yards from midfield to the Snow Hill 21.
On the next play, Nisim Hawkins took it all the way in, and after a James Frazier kick, the score was 7-0.

Snow Hill’s next drive didn’t go their way. On the third play, Jayden Jones snagged a pick, and ran 20 yards for a touchdown. Another good kick, and it was 14-0 with six minutes left in the first period.

It was a windy evening, but that didn’t stop quarterback John Henry from throwing a good-looking strike to Hawkins, for his second score of the game. James Frazier did his job, and the tally was 21-0 with 2:52 left in the quarter.
A couple plays into the Eagles’ next possession, the home team fumbled. Donald Banks fell on the ball at the 2-yard line.
A couple of procedure penalties led to 2-and-goal from the 12. Then it was Jay’zon Roberts’ turn, pulling in a Henry pass for a TD and a score of 28-0 following the kick.
Next up: Tayon Fletcher into the end zone untouched from the 5. But this was in the second quarter, meaning young Mr. Frazier was kicking into a very stiff wind, so the kick was no good, leaving the score at 34-0.

On C-SD’s next possession, QB Henry had to throw himself on a loose ball after a high snap. He took a kick to the helmet during the play, and headed straight to the sideline.
On the next play, Dario Belizaire ran 73 yards out of the Vegas package for a score, barely keeping himself inbounds at one point. Frazier kicked into the wind again, this time for a point, and the scoreboard said 41-0.
Belizaire was primed for more action than that — with Henry being the only quarterback dressed for the game and out of action, Dario was the emergency QB. So with the game well in hand, and no point risking further injury, it was Belizaire’s turn to take snaps as Henry sat out the rest of the contest.

As the last seconds of the first half ticked away, the Eagles’ Brandon Anderson made a 25-yard field goal, with the wind at his back. That put Snow Hill on the board, 41-3 at halftime.

There was a running clock from the beginning of the third quarter in Snow Hill, as there had been the previous week when C-SD hosted Colonel Richardson. In high school ball, when one team is up by at least 35 points in the second half, the clock runs continuously, not stopping as usual on incomplete passes, when the ball carrier goes out of bounds, and other plays. That means the game ends more quickly, without the score becoming unnecessarily lopsided.
Midway through the third quarter, Belizaire seemed to be settling into his role. At least, that’s what his 41-yard run into the end zone indicated. Frazier’s kick hit the right upright, and was no good, leaving the score 47-3 with four minutes left in the quarter.

The fourth quarter ticked away quickly, with Malcolm Edwards getting into the act with a 20-yard score from a Belizaire handoff. The extra point missed, and the score was 53-3.
On April 9, the Vikings will be on the road at Kent County. Game time is 6 p.m.