Breaking the cycle that causes change


As you the reader reflect on your life as it stands today, what is it that you see yourself finding a struggle with? Why is it so hard to overcome your struggles if you can identify that in which causes you your major difficulties? We can continue to question ourselves of why we have this problem; or we can find ourselves looking for the effective solution to overcome it as it presents itself. Often times we allow our struggles to become a heavier weight on us and it causes us to become stagnate. We allow our fears to close doors on opportunities that build us into becoming successors. Sometimes we can become our own biggest enemy.

I want you the reader to take time and think of your gifts. When I speak of gifts, I’m speaking of things in which you find yourself good at performing. Are you a good communicator, are you a person with influence over other people? What about getting along with others in which you have never been in the presence of before. Do you speak when spoken to, or do you normally speak first. I ask the simple questions to you the reader because change is a simple process. It is us who make things more difficult and prolong the greater thereof. Let me explain.

In order to cause a different atmosphere, we first must look at things differently. We must first pull ourselves away from tradition. What I mean by tradition is simple, we must begin to think outside of our normal thought pattern. We all are created as unique individuals. We all at some point or another want to become greater or live greater than we do at the present moment and time. The key is to allow your confidence lead you into who you were born to be. Let no one and I mean no one discourage you from being different. What I mean by being different is this, like a great mentor who spoke into my spirit many years ago said, “I will do today what others won’t in order to have tomorrow what others want.”

What is it that you will do today in order to change your tomorrow? Let me ask you in a different way, how long will it take for you to want different results for the better and yet you will still do nothing to change the result? We as a team and you as the individual can create a positive change. The key factor is, we must first want to change within self in order to change outside of self. Change comes from a positive mindset. It’s better to be optimistic then to become a pessimist. Let us stop racing to gravitate to the negative that happens in our lives and start chasing for the greater result.

In my conclusion to this message in which you have read, I want to first thank you the reader for already being victorious over your struggle. You have successfully planted a seed of positive growth within your spirit. You will never be the same again from this day forth. As you read this article it made you rethink your decisions and see what has to go and what will stay in your life. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let go of things you’ve grown accustom. Don’t allow comfortable actions cause you to miss out on reaching your fullest potential. You are a conqueror and you have to trust and believe it in your heart. You can be whatever you set your heart and mind on, but you have to first be prepared to fight mentally for it. Anything worth having is worth pushing yourself beyond the limit for. Let your success come from good faith.

Editor’s note: Mr. Dashiell is a Dorchester County native, now associated with Liv Again, 317 High St.,Cambridge.

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