White: Thanks to Dover councilman for holiday deliveries


As a senior citizen at Luther Village apartments, I truly appreciate 2nd District Councilman Brian Lewis for personally delivering boxed meals with chickens to assist our homebound senior citizens and people in need this holiday season.

Around the holidays, Councilman Lewis prioritizes visiting the Luther Village apartment complex, where many residents have limited mobility, and he always makes himself available to us. We are grateful to have him as a councilman who takes an interest in our senior citizen population. He has assisted us for the past couple of years, either through contributing food donations, such as boxes of chicken with side items or roasted turkeys, or offering rides to residents who have medical appointments. Councilman Lewis has even, at times, picked up items at the grocery store for some of our disabled residents.

How fortunate we are to have a representative who thinks of others before himself. I am honored to be part of the councilman’s community service programs, which can only continue to benefit not only the senior citizens at Luther Village apartments but others in the 2nd District.

It is obvious Councilman Lewis cares for the community he represents, takes his role seriously and believes what he is doing is right.

I am proud to call him a friend and my representative.

Faye D. White


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