Weaver: State of nation improving, thanks to Biden


I would like to respond to retired Col. Frank Daniels with a letter (“Who or what is the Democratic Party today?”).

The economy is strong, 3.3% growth, much to the chagrin of Donald J. Trump, who would like to see it crash. The stock market is at record-high levels; DJT said it would crash if Joe Biden was elected. Wages have increased. Unemployment is low. Inflation is slowly coming down, and, yes, the Southern border is a real problem — a problem addressed by a bipartisan Senate bill addressing Southern border security and aid to Israel and Ukraine, a bill DJT is against. It would give President Biden a win and help Ukraine against Vladimir Putin and Russia.

To the colonel: I know I will change no minds — because of DJT’s hold on “Make America Great Again” Republicans — but that’s not why I write. On a number of occasions, DJT has stated that Americans who died in the service to America were “losers and suckers.” I can assure you, sir, that my cousin, Doug Weaver, and my high school buddies, “Doc” and Nolan, who are on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, are not.

I can only assume, in your years of honorable service, there were casualties, weren’t there? No answer required.

Patrick Weaver


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