Speak Up: What more should government do to combat poverty?


The Daily State News is continuing its Seeds of Need series about poverty in the First State. We reported on how the General Assembly has taken steps to eradicate poverty, with bills addressing paid family leave and purchase of care. Also, we shared a Wyoming woman’s struggles with increasing grocery and household bills, and how she’s trying to make ends meet. What are your ideas on how government can aid our poverty-stricken citizens?

  • As long as we have a capitalist society, there will always be rich and poor. Government can’t do anything except make it worse. Why is it people can come to this country with nothing and be a success? — Bob Hice
  • Been here since the start of time. — Howard Gaines III
  • It’s called “get a job, even if you have to get two.” — Peggy West
  • Government creates poverty. It does not cure it. The more government, the greater the poverty among the people. — Jeff Grzeszczak
  • Stop giving handouts to people who are physically capable of supporting themselves. — Raughley Lloyd
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