Speak Up: Should a restaurant be built at Cape Henlopen State Park?


Are you planning to attend Monday’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control meeting to solicit feedback on a restaurant proposed for the Cape Henlopen State Park oceanfront dune, next to the bathhouse? Are you for or against the proposal? Why?

  • No to the restaurant. — Sandy Johnson
  • No to the restaurant. Yes to attending the meeting. There are myriad environmental reasons why the restaurant should not be built, but most significantly, the plan violates the long-established Delaware state legislation that precludes a public-private partnership to the detriment of the public. That very fact should be enough to stop this travesty in its tracks. — Julie Callahan
  • Seems a full investigation is warranted as to how this even got off the ground from the agency designed to protect the environment. No to further destroying one of the only pieces of land protecting ecosystems, and yes, if you’re in the area, you need to attend! The real question that needs to be asked is, how did this proposal even get started? It’s specifically counter to the land grant, and there are several restaurants within a couple of miles, and most importantly, why would the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control be in the for-profit restaurant business? — Jules Jackson
  • Absolutely not. Improve the existing concession but no to a new building. — Nancy Leeman
  • Cape Henlopen does not need a restaurant. Delaware is too crowded as it is. — Charlie Harper
  • No. — Patty Hemphill
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