Speak Up: Delay for Georgetown homeless village


While the hoped-for mid-November opening of Springboard Collaborative’s Pallet Shelter Village has been dashed by a delay in important electrical components, preparation continues to welcome 40 homeless individuals from the immediate Georgetown area. The launch has been pushed back to the middle of December, as builders await three 400-amp main breaker panels.

  • I wonder how much those cost each. — Amy Walton
  • Has anyone thought about all the issues that are going to arise and how they are going to handle them? — Bob Hice
  • It would be nice if they had these in Dover, where there is a real serious homeless problem. Unfortunately, the local leaders in Dover don’t care. Shame on them all for not having a heart. — Ruth Hamilton
  • Anyone who’s naysaying, what did you do that put a roof over a homeless person’s head and gave them their own spot? Please share the details with us. — Holly Overmyer
  • Wonder why something like a motel/hotel isn’t used. Each room has a bed, sitting area and bathroom. Put in a microwave and little fridge. Meals could be taken in a dining room. — Sharon Greenfield Cohee
  • Storing people in sheds. Imagine that. — Shawn McGrath
  • Biden should do something for our homeless. He wants to take care of everyone else. — Shirley Tatman-Mitchell
  • What other homeless are you talking about? — Chris Holmes
  • What do you suggest he do? — Vanessa Rae
  • Like what? What should the president do? What did the last president do? — Holly Overmyer
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