Speak Up: Delaware State Fair usually means extreme heat


Fairgoers on the first day of the Delaware State Fair were greeted by oppressive heat. The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for the entire state from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. with heat index values of 105-109 forecast. Hot temperatures and high humidity can cause heat illnesses to occur.

  • They really need to think about moving the fair to a different date. This happens every year with extreme heat. People even end up in the hospital due to this. — Stacy McAfee
  • Yes, should be in September. — Eileen Waldron
  • I agree. It’s very hard on the animals that they show there. — Amber McGaughey Roos
  • I agree. It’s not enjoyable when you’re melting. — Monica Prettner
  • Totally agree! Not right for the workers nor animals and their caregivers to be forced to endure the heat. I stopped going years ago because I cannot tolerate the heat. — Shelly Sis
  • Dang, I did realize it was fair week. I could have told y’all a week ago it would be weather like this. It’s literally 100 degrees every day every year at the fair. — Christopher Joyce
  • It was really bad. Should have it spring or fall. — Kerri Ann
  • This type of weather is something that the fair sees every year. — Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club
  • Fall would be so much better. — Amy Stough Mooney
  • Why don’t they move this to June? Ridiculous to have the public suffer every year. — Nabeela Jeanne Black Swartz
  • Because it’s an agricultural fair, and things aren’t being harvested in June or October. — Holly Overmyer
  • Tends to happen in July. — John Anderson
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