Speak Up: Comedian Iglesias to play Delaware State Fair in July


Comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias will return to the Delaware State Fair this summer, performing July 20 at the M&T Bank Grandstand, officials recently announced. Mr. Iglesias is one of America’s most successful stand-up comedians, performing to sold-out concerts around the world. He is also one of the most watched comics on YouTube, with almost a billion views, and has over 25 million fans across social media.

  • I wonder if he’s bringing Martín? — Victoria Emily
  • Getting my son tickets. He loves Fluffy. — Lauren Stead Handlin
  • I’m bringing the chocolate cake! — Kimberley Groves
  • I’m so excited! — Amanda Truitt
  • He’s hysterical. Definitely want to see this. — Sean Merlonghi
  • I will go. — Nkechi Njubigbo
  • Well, we know when the week of the first heat wave will happen. — James Summers
  • Are they talking about Harrington, Delaware? — Aubrae Moses
  • I’m going. I can’t wait. — April Eckert
  • The fair lineup this year really stinks. One of the worst ever! — Ed Zielinski
  • We love him! Thank you. — Marie Cutone
  • Ay, Fluffy! — Maria Victoria Andaya
  • Are these the lengths folks in Delaware go to, to get visitors? — Mo Elizabeth
  • Everyone loves Delaware. — Aurora Davenport

How to manage eggstremely high egg prices?

The high cost of eggs these days is scrambling the budgets of consumers and businesses alike, with prices at some stores more than twice as high as last year. While supply chain challenges, production costs and labor shortages are partly to blame, the main culprit is the highly contagious avian influenza, which has resulted in the deaths of millions of egg-laying hens. How are you dealing with egg shortages and cost increases?

  • Buying 18 or two dozen at a time. Pay now or pay later. — Chuck Holliday
  • Cut back on eating eggs. — Sue Ryan
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