Speak Up: As Mega Millions jackpot grows, so does anticipation in Delaware


As the Mega Millions jackpot continued to multiply, the question remained the same at the Country Cupboard gas station. “Has anybody won yet? Has anybody won yet?” was the familiar query asked of store manager Sandy Singh. “I tell them no, and they say, ‘OK, I want to buy some (tickets) then.’” The lottery prize had been rising over the last several weeks, with no big winner again Jan. 10. The pool stood at $1.35 billion the next morning.

• This would be helpful. — Leah Mader
• I’ll take it! I could help a lot of people with that money. — Karen Hopper
• You have your tickets? — Edward Vicic
• I do not want this much money ... honestly. — Chuck Holliday
• I will take it for you! — Crystal Hamilton
• Yes, save your money. — Tammy Shinn
• A lot less than that after all taxes are taken out. Roughly about another $210 million. Your best bet is the annuity, less taxes taken. — Chris Szafranski
• Don’t waste your money. It’s all a scam. — Brandon Skeen
• Creates more gambling addictions, and nobody cares. — Fran Johnson
• Except for taxes. — Ian J. Mangin
• Federal government will take 24% from top. At end of year when you file, they take another 13% and any money it makes in that time (as it will make money). Thirty-seven percent on any money it makes. So invest wisely, get lawyers and people who know how to invest and ways to protect it. — Jeff Grzeszczak

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