New blood required in Oval Office in 2017

Political candidates are aplenty in the Republican camps for this position in 2017. The opposing Democratic Party has elected to put all their eggs in the Hillary Rodham Clinton basket. Risky move. Many situations can develop in this interim period. The William Jefferson Clintons live by their own rules ... and so far, so good. The Clinton regime has survived many indiscretions, from Arkansas to Washington, D.C. Always come out smellin’ like a rose. People must remember that roses do have thorns. Ouch! There is no problem that has been insurmountable between the Clinton mates with satisfactorily positive resolutions. The $30 million earned by the dynamic twosome since January 2015 is only a drop in their financial bucket for the WJCs. After all, Mr. “C” must “pay the bills.” Factually, the “Mrs.” does not currently have a real job. Chappaqua, N.Y., is a pricey location [in which] to live. HRC does have her eyes on the presidential prize and will focus solely on that goal. The questions that continually arise concerning her time as Secretary of State is most troubling, and queries have never been her strong suit. To be most secure in this critical race, a “back-up” candidate choice could be a viable alternative to Hil just to be on the safe side. Good luck with that move! We need new blood in Washington, D.C., not the same old, same old familiar “name” dynasties, both Republican and Democrat, that keep resurfacing. Give “new” candidates a fresh opportunity to show us what they’ve got. Our country is in dire straits. Our adversaries do not fear us and our allies do not trust us. Those statements say it all. This situation has festered far too long. With Russia building up its military and invading areas they perceive as rightfully their own and China escalating their military capabilities with their naval strength exhibited in the Pacific waters to gain territory they conceive as Chinese realm, what is America doing? Our Commander-in-Chaos deems to continue his hands-off approach in both situations. To combat tyranny, we need stronger, more effective leadership in the Oval Office. The “flexible” concept is not working to our advantage. We must return America to its rightful position of respect and power. Negotiation with unworthy countries is an ill-conceived concept. It will never ensure America’s security. Our enemies view the next 20 months as the ultimate opportunity to make their dangerous moves. They are not afraid to push Obama’s buttons. His negotiating style means nothing to countries who view “talk is cheap” ... and action will be held on the back burner. In the future, the ongoing nightmare of American submission to terror will come to an end. Our country deserves the best in all areas governing our beloved nation. We must seek and offer new opportunities to candidates who possess the qualities of strength, honesty and truth. All of which are so very lacking in the current administration. Transparency will truly mean the intended quality of substance. This refreshing change is mandatory in the Oval Office in Washington, D.C. We shall endeavor to right the ship of state or we will languish into the oblivion of the political Titanic we currently endure. May God bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan Dover

elections, politics
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