Negotiating with Iran a foolhardy deed

The United States of America’s ongoing negative negotiating policy concerning Iran’s nuclear capabilities, which Iran assures all involved are solely for defensive-mechanism usage and protections, are false oratory. How can America truly believe these fabrications of truth from a country that is the major source and supplier of terrorism throughout the world? Focusing on the Middle East’s revolution of Islamic extremist militant terrorists has been a dedicated and successful goal at the heart of Iran’s decision-making process. How does Secretary of State John Kerry ignore the continual statements offered by the man running the Iranian “show,” the ayatollah who openly states he believes America is a vile, destructive nation determined to slander and undermine the great nation of Iran? The current “Quisling” Obama Administration cannot or will not grasp this man’s venomous words. They believe Secretary Kerry is seated across the table from trustworthy Iranian leaders who are negotiating and will negotiate in good faith and do not adhere to the ayatollah’s harsh declarations. The Iranians definitely are holding the upper hand at this table of doom. Obama’s administration of never-ending appeasement to adversaries has weakened American position in the world view. These policies are so very reminiscent of Munich 1938, when English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain relinquished the Sudetenland to Germany, resulting in the total collapse of Czechoslovakia into Adolf Hitler’s hands. We now possess an American administration that believes appeasement and compliance with adversarial advances is the road to peace. In truth, it is the Autobahn to Perdition led by misguided policies that have never been conducive to American benefit. As these American-Iranian nuclear negotiations are approaching the end, let us see our American strength surface by the American participants and the correct path to controlling the evil Iranian despots’ demands. Their destructive marathon for elimination of Israel and submission of neighboring Middle Eastern nations must come to a just finale. It is time for the United States of America to exhibit the backbone required to achieve justice at this nuclear-negotiating ill-fated table. Rhetoric is not our friend. May God bless the United States of America!

Beverly Monahan Dover

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