Monahan: Migrant invasion is a dangerous disaster


The Biden administration ignores everything related to the travesty of our national security that has invaded our beloved country. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandros Mayorkas must be removed and impeached immediately and all of his associates within this inept group. The problem is that their protection by the Biden administration is abominable!

Our national security is a completely dangerous disaster. The Democratic leadership ignores the danger by allowing the consistent migration nightmare. The Biden administration ignores it constantly, led by President Joe Biden, as if we have no problem existing with the millions of migrants who have no valid reason for residence within America.

How can the current U.S. government believe that their tolerance of these horrendous invasion migrants exists, when our national security in every state of our union is in jeopardy of survival with these horrendous inhabitants, who should be completely returned across our border back to their original nations?

Mexico must be involved in this transition of American justice, before we are completely destroyed by the devastation of our present Democratic government exposure.

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly E. Monahan


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