Monahan: Israel will survive regardless of amount of support


Israel has been attacked since its state’s beginning in 1948 and experienced attacks by surrounding nations prior to that. Holocaust survivors went to Palestine to begin new lives. Even then, the English-controlled land was delayed by English leadership prior to Israel’s statehood; antisemitism is now being promoted within Gaza and throughout Israel. However, Israel is being viewed as the aggressor nation, while currently, Hamas has taken the position of the victim. Israel is defending its homeland. It was not Israel who began this conflict but Hamas, who struck in Gaza by bringing death to residents (not the Israel Defense Forces) and viciously beheading children and killing innocent civilians, while kidnapping hostages and taking them for as long as they are able to do so. They raped female civilians and viciously held innocent Palestinians in harm’s way with no protection for their survival. Hamas is only one enemy of Israel. Surrounding Arab nations have been anti-Israel and the primary sources of unrest for many years prior to Israel’s statehood. Iran is a great source of finance for Israeli attacks now that President Joe Biden returned $6 billion on the “humanitarian” belief that this money would be used to solidify the Iranian civilian population. How Biden believes this is a mystery. Did he not think that the evil Iranian leadership would not siphon millions of the supposed humanitarian money for Israel’s demise? Iran’s commentary of “death to Israel and death to America” remains a valid commitment of the Iranian state!

Israel has been attacked by Hezbollah from primarily Lebanon whenever they are able to perform a surprise attack. They are allies of Hamas and any other hostile enemy of Israel. Unfortunately, the media has taken the position that Hamas is the victim and not sharing the truth of Israel’s destruction. Antisemitism is flourishing throughout the world, including the United States.

The Biden administration is not using their strongest abilities to destroy this anti-Israeli position. To date, they have not been successful, with no intent to pursue an effective resolution to this widespread problem. Their commentary that they are Israel’s ally has proven to not be valid. Weakness in doing the right thing is lost in their political jungle. They ignore the anti-Israeli protests that are viewed as the right to do so. More pro-Israel supporters deserve the same rights as Palestinian protesters, but they do not appear to maintain media equality. Truth must be effectively spoken, and positive support is mandatory.

Israel will persevere and survive, as they always have, with or without worldly support, which is currently misguided and false. The Israel Defense Forces are a dedicated unit of strong warriors that will never allow foreign enemies to overtake their beloved land. Survival of the strongest is committed!

Beverly E. Monahan


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