Monahan: Biden is ineffective as U.S. president


President Joseph R. Biden is not a competent, protective U.S. president. He is an unacceptable example of a leader of the free world! Each time he speaks is either mumbled, misunderstood or a complete falsehood.

The main Democrat leaders do not appear to want him to continue his quest for a second term. Frankly, he is unable to fulfill his first term. Realities as truth: Americans’ national security is now in dire straits, while Joe Biden does not have a clue on how our country should be protected in all areas. Our brave military must be restrengthened with the necessary military weapons needed to protect us.

Cybersecurity is a source of major concern in the Biden absence of mind-set. Our national security must be completely revised to revitalize our protection.

China is a strong, expanding military force that is fervently focusing on its invasion of Taiwan, while our commander in chief (or chaos) does nothing to counteract such Chinese aggressive actions. Does he owe China some form of protection to salvage questionable financial actions?

The 2024 presidential election should be an exciting time for the correct choice of a valid new U.S. president. The correct new candidate must win! Our beloved country deserves the strength and courage to counteract the mistakes made by our current disastrous example of a U.S. president! There should be no more decisions made by this current president, due to incorrect Biden destroying the country for financial strategy.

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly E. Monahan


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