McGean: Lyrics from some songs may need to change in 2024


John Lennon’s hit song, “Imagine,” dreams of a world that has no religion, no countries, no ownership of property and no heaven or hell. It’s confident we can create heaven on Earth for ourselves without God’s help. Basically, it promotes communism, a dream discarded based on its 20th-century fruits. So, imagine my surprise, as the ball was about to drop in Times Square, to hear Paul Anka resurrect “Imagine” to welcome in the new year.

It looks like another case of environmental/social/governance, “Great Reset” utopianism. Even young Gen Zers can see the fruits — the mess at our borders, sanctuary cities, prosecutors who won’t prosecute, crash-and-steal crime, drug addiction and the collapse of marriage, family and the middle class. We who don’t buy Lennon’s swan song had better replace “bless” in our own favorite song with “God save America, land that we love.”

Thomas McGean


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