Letter to the Editor: Supporters of lower-emission vehicle standards must make voices heard


I attended the town hall meeting March 21, 2023, at the Indian River Senior Center in Millsboro, organized by Delaware Republicans to generate opposition to Gov. John Carney’s proposed lower-emission vehicle program, requiring that dealers offer a growing percentage of electric vehicles, starting with model year 2027 and concluding in 2035, when all vehicles offered for sale must be electric.

The meeting was moderated by Rep. Rich Collins, R-Millsboro, flanked by Sen. Gerald Hocker, R-Ocean View. Collins stated, “We need to follow the science, folks. We need to work with correct information to make such an important decision.” The science expert who Collins introduced was Dr. David LeGates, whose presentation focused on casting doubt on the severity of climate change and the human causes of warming. He stated that carbon dioxide is plant food and not a pollutant. In the waning months of his administration, climate change denier Donald Trump appointed him as deputy assistant secretary of commerce for observation and prediction at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. I encourage everyone to Google David LeGates and come to their own conclusions as to his motives and affiliations.

Rep. Collins and Sen. Hocker also hosted town halls designed to rouse opposition to wind farms. At no time during these meetings has either gentleman acknowledged that action needs to be taken to preserve the freedom for future generations to live healthy lives. We know that their inaction and support for the status quo has led to waterways in Sussex County that we cannot fish or swim in, widespread deforestation, and unmanaged growth and congestion.

I have not heard them propose solutions to these problems.

We need leaders that are respectful of the environment they leave for generations to follow us. Not only do we need to embrace renewable energy to make existence more livable decades from now, but we need to seize on the opportunity to provide careers in renewable energy in Sussex County for our children and grandchildren.

Based on the average age of those in attendance, having the choice of a gas or electric car in 2036 will not be material. The children and grandchildren we should be looking out for will be taking our keys away from us. The time is now to do our best for those who will be caring for us.

Please email Gov. Carney (john.carney@delaware.gov) and Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Shawn Garvin (shawn.garvin@delaware.gov) to voice your support for the low-emission vehicle program. The minority opposing necessary action on climate change will be loud. We need to be sure our voices are heard.

Tom Brett


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