Letter to the editor: New intersection in Dover still prone to accidents


The new intersection at Forrest Avenue, Chestnut Grove Road and Nault Road was a good idea, but now, it has opened back up for accidents when someone is making a left turn onto Chestnut Grove Road or even a left turn on Nault Road. The reason is that people are going to go back to passing on the right, since that lane is now open with no barriers there. Yes, you did put a sign that the right-turn lane must turn right. But look where it is located. About 6 feet from the road and almost at the intersection, and by the time they get there, they are not looking for a sign. Then, you might have a crash. Maybe not this time, but there will be one or more there again.

A sign should be more to the beginning of the turn lane and then the lane marked “Right turn only” on it, also. The sign should be closer to the road, and even the height could be lower, as it is up in the air, more to a truck driver’s eye level. There are a lot of people turning left onto Chestnut Grove Road, and I think more thought should go into this intersection. Even with the lights, it is not going to be a safe intersection.

Another thing one should do is put a traffic camera there, so when there is an accident, you will have footage of it, so you can see what really happened. Hope everyone takes a closer look at this one to make it safer.

I was going to only contact the Delaware Department of Transportation, but I wanted to make the public aware of it. Thanks.

Marvin Fortney


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