Kowalko announces resignation from RISE executive board


John A. Kowalko Jr. is the former co-founder of Retirees Investing in Social Equity (RISE) Delaware. The following is an open letter to RISE members and advocates:

Dear RISE Delaware members and advocates,

I wish you all the best in this upcoming holiday season and hope that we all enjoy a healthy and productive new year.

In the interest of transparency and because all of you deserve to be kept fully informed, I am posting my letter of resignation from the RISE executive board below.

I hope you all understand that the importance of RISE should never be diminished in this battle to restore our Medicare privileges and keep our health care needs out of the hands of private insurers.

Furthermore, let me assure all of you that I have no intention of abandoning RISE and the push for health benefits for state retirees, other retirees and indeed everyone in our state. The need for legislative action is of utmost importance at this time. We must continue to work together to support necessary changes in law that will guarantee health care access for all.

The following is a copy of my formal letter of resignation.

Dear Elisa (Diller),

Please consider this letter as my formal resignation from the executive board of the “Retirees Investing in Social Equity” organization also known as “RISE Delaware”.

It is with much regret that I am forced to make this decision since there are so many thousands of retirees and others who have helped and contributed to the efforts of RISE to ensure a fair and unfettered access to health care for all.

I would be remiss if I did not offer a brief explanation of my decision to leave the executive board. My responsibilities and obligations as a board member demand that I be aware of and informed of all critical decisions and discussions related to RISE.

Unfortunately, there have been repeated incidents of crucial information being withheld from me, either inadvertently or deliberately, that could impact RISE in a less than favorable way. There were also individuals, outside of the RISE executive board, who seemed to wield undue influence on matters that I feel should be within the exclusive purview of the board.

Therefore, in the best interests of RISE and the thousands of contributors to the worthy efforts of RISE I am resigning effective immediately.

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