Heeger: ‘Two cents’ on legal firearm purchases


Over the last few months in reading the Opinions of many of your readers, I finally decided that I need to put in my two cents. It occurs to me that the politicians and many of our residents — be they Republican or Democrat — don’t seem to be aware of the legal processes involved in the purchase of a firearm.

We currently have background checks for legal purchases, and I believe that you will find that most criminal activities involving the use of a firearm (usually a handgun) are perpetrated by criminals who got them by illegal methods. Therefore, no amount of legislation, other than the actual implementation and application of the laws that are already on the books, will make any substantial difference.

The new pistol permit, and the regulations thereof, will have the effect of more legal purchases before the law is signed. The requirements of this permit will also make more people now apply for concealed carry permits. Instead of buying pistols for protection or target practice, more people will be purchasing them to legally carry: henceforth, more handguns, legally carried (and concealed). It should be noted that the rifle bans placed into effect in 2022 caused people to hurry and purchase firearms before the ban was even enacted.

If our politicians would legislate the ability to have more and improved police enforcement, and the courts would hold accountable the perpetrators of acts involving firearms, then there would most likely be an appreciable reduction of illegal firearm usage.

Joe Heeger


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